League Play Starts

Thursday, May 6, 2021

10AM and 5:30PM


Match Play 



End of Year Tournament


Saturday, September 4, 2021


Madden Women's Association

Community Golf Course


          2019 Rules Committee Meeting


The Madden Women's Association are looking for all levels of golfer

New to the game?          Haven't played in a while?           Play sometimes?

Play for fun, but by the rules?          Play all the time? 

This is the league for you!


Our league is flighted, with all levels of golf experience. 


These ladies are great to learn and play the game of golf with!


Madden Womens Association offers two tee times for league play -

9AM and 5PM to fit into your golf season schedule.


Register for the league online or print and send registration form.  

Click Membership button for the registration.


Mail your form to

Madden Womens Association

P.O. Box 3234

Dayton, OH 45401


If mailing, please advice that you have done so.


the 2021 MWA Invitational has been canceled.

Executive Board Meeting 2019

2021 Officers


          Regina Williams


          Jeannie Joyce


          Jessica Chilton

Association Secretary

          Sharon Wilmore Buggs

League Secretary

          Annette Schooler-Zanders

Past President

         Beverly Moore



Committee Chairs

Invitational Director


League Rules

          Jeannie Joyce


          Rhea Rowser Gray

History/ Archives

          Mary Jo Wiley


          Vivian Harris


          Marva Cosby



Web Admin

         Sharon Wilmore

         Annette Schooler-Zanders


Upcoming & Recent Events






32nd Annual Invitational Tournament

June 2nd, 2018 - Madden GC


                                  32nd MWA INVITATIONAL @ Madden Golf Course * Dayton, Ohio


Dr. Rhea Rowser-Gray

Horizons Family Medicine

1 Elizabeth Pl #5

Dayton, OH 45417

Linda L Nervis

State Farm Insurance


2422 E Dorothy Lane

Dayton, OH 45420-1155

Dr. Duane Dickens

Trotwood Physicians Ctr

3038 Olive Rd

Trotwood, OH 45426


Dayton Foundation

The African-American Community Fund (AACF), a component fund of the Dayton Foundation, offers donors an opportunity to create a legacy that will benefit the community for many generations.

Madden Women’s Association Fund


Was established in 2013 to support our mission for years to come.


Provides annual income for Madden Women’s Association whose mission is: 1) To provide financial support for continuing education through annual scholarship awards to graduating African-American female high school and currently enrolled college students and; 2) To provide financial and active support for the Greater Dayton Youth Golf Academy.


Madden Women's Association was founded in 1983 by women who love to play golf.


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